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Our Purpose


On this page we will try to explain the operational agenda of Kentucky Mafia 2000. Please keep in mind, this is only our
Kentucky operations. Our National Internet Operations will only be available to those who become 'MADE' wiseguys.


Why have we created this site?

The affairs of the La Cosa Nostra are in an uproar. To many wiseguys have taken a fall, for the simple fact that people have failed the serve the Code of the OMERTA (The Code of Silence). DIRTY ROTTEN RATS!!!!!!!

Our Commission

We are setting up 50 States with 50 Bosses. This is only a small part of a very hugh Organization, this Organization will only be released to Connected Wise-guys. In these 50 States, we are setting up City and County-Bosses. You must complete the information sheet in the APPL. page to enter in this Organization. Good Luck.... NOTE: If you cant submit the form, mail it in, if you are refused entrance to this Organization, any money you may have sent WILL be returned.



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